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Dave Clark Five – 5 by 5 [UK Version] (1968)

This KILLER album from the DC5 is quite the odd-duck.

Does anyone know the story behind this particular release? Was it ever released in stereo? It seems odd to have a 1968 mono-only release with no reprints and only 4 editions. It is especially puzzling when you take into consideration that both of 1967’s US albums (“5 by 5” and “You Got What it Takes”) were in true stereo as were the two albums titled “Everybody Knows” (US 1967 and UK 1968). This strange mono-only offering is smack dab in the middle of the DC5’s only true stereo offerings and seems to be a kind of throwback that it is only in mono. Aside from a wonderful stereo version of “The Red Balloon” that appeared on the EMI/Starline “Best of Dave Clark Five” LP in 1970 (SRS 5037), were any of these songs released anywhere in Stereo… or anywhere else at all for that matter?

“Red Balloon” is paired with “Maze of Love” on a 7″ EP, and it shows up on a few hits packages, but other standout tracks (including “Maze of Love”) like “Just a Little Bit Now”,”Devoted to Me”, “3406”, “I Still Need You”, “Best Day’s Work” and “Got Love If You Want It”, seem to be unique to this LP!

Yes, the picture was used for the US release “Everybody Knows”, but all the songs are different.

Yes, the album title was used for the US release “5 by 5″…but again, there is no overlap in tracks. What’s the deal??

This album is totally worth getting! It’s odd that (as stated above) there doesn’t seem to be any other pressings of this album (with these tracks) except the first press or the international editions.

All of side 1 is pretty damn good with a bit of fuzzed out guitar on some tracks, plus it has the bizarrely smile-inducing “Red Balloon”. Side 2 is pretty strong with the exception of some really old-fashioned sounding tracks (“Please Stay” and “No-One Can Break A Heart Like You”). Add to that one bland instrumental (B5 “When I Am Alone”) and it’s not the best effort ever, but still pretty listenable overall! Even the and the Righteous Brothers inspired “Away from the Noise” is a fun listen.

If I could have I’d have given the album 5 stars, I would have, but that instrumental and those two 50s sounding slow tracks dropped it down a star for me. Nevertheless, it is one of the DC5s strongest original albums and I really loved discovering it!

As with most of the Dave Clark Five’s UK releases, the A-Side features up tempo tracks and is titled “Go!!”, the B-side features mostly ballads, and is titled “Slow!!” haha! Here is the track list:

Five By Five….Go!!
A1. Just A Little Bit Now
A2. Maze Of Love
A3. Return My Love
A4. Best Day’s Work
A5. Who Do You Think You’re Talking To
A6. Got Love If You Want It
A7. The Red Balloon
Five By Five….Slow!!
B1. Please Stay
B2. Devoted To You
B3. 3406
B4. Away From The Noises
B5. When I Am Alone (Instrumental)
B6. I Still Need You
B7. No-One Can Break A Heart Like You

Oddly, most of the tracks from this album are not on Spotify, and the three that are are from older LPs, and seem to have been previously unreleased in the UK when 5×5 came out… Maybe this album is a mixed bag of leftovers? Who know. If you know, drop me a line!

In the meantime, here is a DC5 playlist for you… this is an overview of some of their killer tracks. The last three tracks are from the UK version of the 5×5 album that I reviewed here.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve also linked a video for “The Red Balloon” below. Enjoy!

Thoughts? anyone? Have you heard this album? What did you think of it?

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