About us

Welcome to Music Box TW

Music Box TW started out as an online vinyl record dealer based in Taiwan, specializing in British and American Pop and Rock music from 60s to the present.

Since 2022 we also have a physical shop that not only features CDs and Vinyl, but board games and comic books! We also have a great menu of beverages and snacks to enjoy while shopping or listening to music!

We host parties and get togethers, as well aim to be THE place to be for music lovers.

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Our Story

Who Are We?

Music Box TW is a vinyl record and CD shop based in Taiwan. We specialize in Pop and Rock from the 60s to the present. We also serve an amazing assortment of coffees and teas at our newly opened shop.

Tom Cartman is an English teacher living in Taiwan since 2000. His love of English is surpassed only by his love of music and his ever growing collection of vinyl records.

Under the name Birdienumnums Music, Tom has been buying and selling music online since 1995... but things cannot always stay the same!

In August of 2022 Tom opened a physical shop in his adopted home of beautiful Chiayi City, Taiwan. Realizing that the name Birdienumnums didn't really say much about the shop or the business, a name change was in order, and Music Box TW was conceived

Tom loves most pop music and can happily engage in a discussion about many artists, especially the ones you've never heard of. His musical tastes range from ABBA to Zappa and everything in between. Just don't make him listen to hip hop or jazz.

Tom played in a few bands in high school and recorded a couple of independently released CDs in college, but has since decided to leave that to the professionals. He is a terrible keyboardist, lousy bassist, and sloppy guitar player. His vocal range is limited but he means well. In a pinch, he can keep the beat on a set of drums, as long as there are no fills or cymbals involved.