41 – Handmade Mango Sago* (small $130nt/large $150) (summer only)

(41手工楊枝甘露冰粉* (金搞岡ㄟ) $130nt / $150nt (夏天季節)

42 – Hand Made Cookies* (2 cookies per portion)

(42) 手工餅乾一份* (2入)$20nt

43 – Mini Dutch Waffle Cookie (2 cookies per portion)

– perfect for dunking!

(43) 迷你荷蘭杯蓋餅一份$20nt2入)

非常適合扣籃 !

44 – Large Dutch “Stroopwafel” Caramel Waffle Cookie (Cup Topper: 1 cookie per portion)

To elevate your coffee to a truly unique experience, place your stroopwafel over the top of your mug and leave it for a few minutes until it softens up. The gentle heat from a hot cup of coffee warms the “stroopwafel” to perfection, softening it just so.

With the optimal level of chewiness, it’s as though the stroopwafel has just come straight off the waffle iron.

Not a coffee drinker? Not a problem. This neat trick works just as well with a hot cup of tea!

(44) 大荷蘭杯蓋餅 “stroopwafel” (一入) $30nt

要將您的咖啡提升到真正獨特的體驗,請將荷蘭杯蓋餅放在杯子的頂部並靜置幾分鐘,直到它變軟。 一杯熱咖啡的溫和熱量將荷蘭杯蓋餅加熱至完美,使其軟化。 具有最佳咀嚼度,就好像荷蘭杯蓋餅剛從華夫餅模具中取出一樣。 不是喝咖啡的人? 沒問題。 這個巧妙的技巧與一杯熱茶一樣有效!

45 – [Lotus] Biscoff snap cookies $15nt each

Strong cinnamon aroma, crispy taste, good snack with coffee or tea~!

(45Lotus Biscoff餅乾 $15nt 1入)


* 有限的可用率 / * limited availability